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Thursday, January 24: The Media's Reaction to Hillary Clinton

In today's Monologue, Andy shows his disgust towards The Media's Reaction to Hillary Clinton.  They were singing her praises after yesterday's testimony, saying she was stern when needed and sincere with emotion when talking about the victims.  What a saint!  Andy agrees that this incident was not intentional - she didn't wish harm on anyone - she simply failed at her job.  That's why she has go!  Andy welcomes Congressman Jeff Duncan to discuss Benghazi and the Debt Ceiling.  He closes the hour with your phone calls. 

Andy is slammed with more calls for the first part of Hour 2.  People have strong opinions on this Benghazi disaster.  Shifting gears a bit, he turns to Attorney Brad Cohen to discuss the day's hottest legal stories.  They cover Subway selling 'footlong' subs that are actually only 11 inches (prepare yourself for the "does size matter?" jokes Andy loves so much), a woman sues because she started dating a crazy person, and Lance Armstrong's book readers are suing him because his book was classified as "non-fiction" and they feel duped!    

Tech Expert Stephanie Duchaine joined the show for the first time.  She was ah-dorable and that's worth noting, but beyond that they discussed Apple stock being down $50 today and people getting depressed over Facebook envy.  Next, Producer Miranda comes in for some Bizarre News!!  And Andy takes more of your calls. 

That's it!  Have a great night!


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