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Video, Audio & Photos From John Gambling's Final Show

John Gambling retired on Friday (Dec. 20th), marking the end of 88-years of the Gambling family on the radio. It was an emotional and historic show as a number of big name guests were on the show to say goodbye including Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Giuliani, Donald Trump and others.

Below you can find the podcasts to the interviews from John's final show along with video of John's final sign off, video of John's interview with Mayor Bloomberg, and photos from John's interview with Mayor Bloomberg.

John Gambling Says Goodbye


Mayor Bloomberg's Final Interview With John Gambling


John Gambling and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani

John Gambling and Mayor Bloomberg

John Gambling and Bill Korbel

John Gambling and Bill O'Reilly

John Gambling and Bobby Benjamin

John Gambling and Donald Trump

John Gambling and Joe Bartlett

John Gambling and Mr. JJ Kennedy

John Gambling and Natalie Vacca

John Gambling and Peter King

John Gambling Says Goodbye

Click here to see photos from Mayor Bloomberg's final interview with John Gambling


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