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De Blasio to Sign Paid Sick Leave Bill

De Blasio to Sign Paid Sick Leave Bill

Mayor Bill de Blasio will sign a paid sick leave bill later this week, meaning thousands of additional New Yorkers will be able to call out sick and still get paid.

The legislation requires that businesses with at least five workers, provide their employees with five paid sick days per year.  Mayor de Blasio said many workers have faced a difficult choice when they become ill..

"If they're sick they have to go to work sick, probably get a lot sicker, probably get a lot of other people sick in the bargain," de Blasio said.  "If they don't go to work, they're going to lose a day's pay."

Some small businesses have complained the law will negatively impact their finances.  A previous measure only applied to businesses with at least 20 employees.

The law will take effect on April 1.


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