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Cops Bust Prostitution Ring Near Super Bowl Boulevard

Cops Bust Prostitution Ring Near Super Bowl Boulevard

(John Del Signore) Five people, including four alleged prostitutes, were arrested last night during a raid at a Manhattan apartment building that also houses dormitories for The King's College, an undergraduate Christian college. ABC 7 reports that law enforcement officials charged into 990 6th Avenue, located just blocks from Super Bowl Boulevard, "with a battering ram, with a shield, and a pretty heavy arsenal."

Cocaine, heroin, or ecstasy were also seized at the location. Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman's office spearheaded the sting, and Schneiderman has a press conference scheduled for 11 a.m. today to discuss the bust. So far it's unclear if the women arrested were voluntary "sex workers" or victims of sex-trafficking—it's a distinction that has gotten more media attention because of the Super Bowl, but it appears that officials are casting a wide net in their pre-game crackdown.

Law enforcement sources tell NBC New York they arrested three "high-end escorts and their alleged ringleader" at the Marriott in downtown Brooklyn last night. Sources say the prostitutes were advertising sessions for $1,000 an hour. And the Garden State is equally determined to send a message to Super Bowl attendees that there's zero tolerance for prostitution.

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